Rental Conditions

  • The general conditions of hire with chauffeur-bilingual guide are part of the transport agreement signed between Morgante Limousine Services and its client.

  • 1 - Booking and payment

  • The reservation of the service will be considered upon receipt of a deposit amounting to 30% by credit card, bank transfer or cash. The difference will be paid on the day of delivery in cash, credit card or bank transfer.

  • 2 - Cancellation Fees

  • Cancellation possible until the day before delivery, in this case 20% throughput.

    If same day cancellation or no-show at the time of appointment, full payment of booking.

  • You have a period of seven days before the reservation date to exercise your right of withdrawal without any reasons or incurring penalties.

  • 3 - Safety Rules

  • We do not keep data on customers'credit cards after payment.

  • 4 - Required information

  • To make a payment by credit card and use our services, you must provide your name, address, telephone number and email address as well as all transactions exceed 1500 € copy of your passport Recto-Verso. It is imposed upon us in any other manner by respecting our obligations in the fight against money laundering in accordance with the laws in force in Europe.

  • 5 - Expenses

  • Admission to museums and monuments not included.
    Meals and hotel for the chauffeur not included.


    6 - Changing course and / or duration

  • In case of change of the road and / or its duration due to the payer, the chauffeur will note in its mission statement and will sign the charge, additional expenses will be paid by the payer .

  • 7 - Disclaimer

  • Morgante Limousine Services in no way be held responsible for delays on the time of transport due to circumstances beyond their control: weather, delays in customer traffic. (This list is not exhaustive).

  • In case of detention of the vehicle during transit due to mechanical failure, accident or injury, Morgante Limousine Service strive to ensure its delivery, with either one of these vehicles, either with a vehicle leased another company.

    Responsibility Morgante Limousine Services cover material damage that the payer may suffer due to such incidents and will be limited to the amount of transport rates specified in the contract.

    In case of damage to the vehicle due to one or more passengers, the payer will reimburse the costs of rehabilitation upon presentation of invoices.

  • 8 - Insurance

  • Responsibility Morgante Limousine Services is limited to the terms of our contract of insurance. Morgante Limousine Services holds an unlimited insurance for passengers

  • 9 - Safety Rules

  • The vehicle and the chauffeur will be provided with the necessary documents on the proper conduct of our service.

  • The payer and passengers are required to comply with laws applicable to persons and their luggage in the countries visited. Under the law in all public places, it is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles.

    Wearing seat belts is compulsory for all passengers in our vehicles.

  • 10 - Regulations

  • The regulations require any driver amplitude hourly maximum of 14 hours per day.

  • 11 - Jurisdiction

  • In case of dispute or litigation, only the Tribunal de Commerce of Nice will be relevant.